I wonder what Antoine Walker has to say about this…. OR is he sitting in a corner just MAD. He could have snatched her up long ago… But, he didn’t AND it’s tooo late!

What most of us thought was a relationship strictly for show….isn’t…Uhmmmm, I turns out to be a REALER. LOL (My own word….)

I guess Chad wasn’t kidding when he said:

“She’s all I’ve been missing”


Evelyn Lozada & Chad Ochocinco are moving forward with their wedding plans.

We hear that they are now in planning stages and planning for a summer wedding. They are working with wedding planner Diann Valentine from the TV show “I Do Over,” on WeTV.

Diann recently, bumped gums with S2S and told them that:

The couple has just started to plan, and have yet to settle on a city and venue to have the wedding (Evelyn’s from NY, Chad’s from Miami, and they’re currently living in both Miami and Boston).

Diann also revealed:

“I’ve been working with them a little over a month now. We don’t have a date yet, but we know that it’s summer 2012. I think they have great chemistry. They’re so much alike. They appear to be the best of friends. That’s what everybody wants. You just want someone that understands you, whoever you are.”

That’s sooooooo TUTE!

Evelyn has been getting her hustle & grind on since this reality show stardom. In addition to signing a book deal with Cash Money Content, Evelyn is also jumping on the band wagon of her friend Jennifer Williams who also has book and is the face of a lipgloss line as I’m not hatin’ I’m just saying. It’s NICE…

Evelyn has formed a partnership with Secret Kisses Lip Stick and Lipgloss company, located in Florida and founded in 2010, They plan to promote the brand through a series of events and advertisements, according to the press release that I saw.

“I’ve loved makeup all my life, and lipstick is the starting point of my day,” states Lozada. “Whether I want to be bold, flirty, saucy or natural, being a part of the Secret Kisses brand allows me the opportunity to be all of those things and I’m excited!”

The line consists of 28 shades of lipsticks, 8 Lip Candy flavored glosses and 5 Lip Gem gloss colors.

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