Jesus take the wheel! Pamela Marks of New York checked her mail one day, expecting her children’s toys to arrive. However upon opening a package that was left in her mailbox, she found that she was accidentally sent 7 lbs. of Cali weed!

In fact, the piff was so potent that Mrs. Marks says she could smell it before she even opened her mailbox! She told ABC-7, “I was able to smell it,” she said. “I knew something was up right away.” Like any good law-abiding citizen, who also doesn’t smoke, Pam called the authorities who later confiscated the package.

An investigation is being done on the package’s whereabouts prior to arriving on Pamela’s doorstep. It reportedly came from a toy company in Santa Monica called JAKKS Pacific. The company has since launched their own investigation as well.


Source: ABC-7,

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