The Chicago Cubs still have a couple of spots open on their roster after a pre-Christmas mini-shopping spree.  As expected, the front office went after pitching reinforcements and so the roster is pitcher heavy as they have yet to target a backup catcher or reserve outfielders.  There is plenty of money (theoretically, anyway) to make additional moves if they wanted, but if you’re in the camp that says the Cubs are probably making the playoffs as is, then they’re already in good shape and everything else is gravy.  Of course, that’s what we said when the Cubs (among other teams) lost out on Shohei Ohtani, but that was a long shot anyway.
Only 25 players can suit up for the Cubs come Opening Day, and there are still over three months until that happens, but in the absence of news, I’m bored and need to do something.  So let’s assume the good old Joe Maddon convention of using five starters (with the possibility of a six-man rotation ever looming), seven or eight relievers, two catchers,

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