The Persistent Problem of Colorism: Skin tone, Status, and Equality,” Margaret Hunger states “The maintenance of white supremacy is predicated on the notion that dark skin represents savagery, irrationality, ugliness, and inferiority.”

Look At My Black Beauty’s (LAMBB) tackles history’s lasting effects in their newest web documentary, 50 Shades of Melanin.

With interviews from 30 Black Brits across the UK, the short film focuses on their experiences with discrimination and privilege based on the color of their skin. Touching on race, history, and images of black women in the media, the documentary has been viewed over 150,000 times on YouTube.

Is it up to the Black woman to define her image or should the Black man defend her? Where does colorism stem from? 50 Shades of Melanin asks tough questions to try to get to the root of our issues. Years of shame, feelings of inferiority, and the cycle of prejudice are uncovered.

Opening up the floor for questions we may not even have known we had, 50 Shades of Melanin is helping us to heal one view at a time.

Have you seen the documentary? Watch it below and share your thoughts.


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