Ray J has now joined the likes of Steve Harvey and Tyrese with a new relationship book geared toward the female audience titled, Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray. And since experience is the best teacher, Ray J uses his relationships with two high-profile women—Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston—to illustrate whatever point it is he’s trying to make.

Ray J doesn’t explicitly state Kim Kardashian’s name in the book, but he uses the reference “KK”— as if no one would read between the lines on that one. In an interview with The Insider, Ray J tells Kevin Frazier that this KK woman basically had him under a sex spell.

“I was hypnotized. Waking up in the morning with toothpaste already on the toothbrush, a warm towel all ready to go to wash your face. Just certain different perks of being with a woman like that could really trap you into an emotional world that’s hard to get out of.

“The relationship with KK ended because we just felt like, you know, we’re friends and honest with each other. But as far as our commitment as a one-on-one relationship, that just wasn’t working. ”

“As far as sex, it was intense. As far as the relationship with KK, it was a roller coaster ride of fun and emotions and infidelity and lies…from both ends. We were the same person, we lived the same life, we lied the same, we cheated the same. We were the same person just in different forms.

When it comes to Whitney Houston, Ray J was much more discreet about whether they had a romantic or even a a sexual relationship.

“Our friendship is something that people may not understand maybe because of the age difference but we’ve always just been friends…

“We hug, we laugh, we go out to dinner, we talk about different things in our lives…we’ve always kept our relationship as private as we could.”




  1. Rayj needs to sit down somewhere, first of all he says he was hyponotized by her putting toothpaste on the tooth brush and a warm washcloth.. wtf? boy dont you know that broad was telling you to wash your azz and your breath stank.. didnt see that sex tape and didnt want too but heard she was a motionless dud.. Rayj.. please take a seat.. we have one right here for you!

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