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Vivica A. Fox will be reprising her role in the upcoming Independence Day 2 sequel. In reality tv news, a new report confirms Ray J has quit “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” a day after he seemingly announced on Instagram he was done with the show. Get the deets inside….

Nearly two decades later, a sequel for the action, sci-fi thriller Independence Day will be hitting the big screen. And a certain YBF chick has announced she will be reprising her role.

Sharknado 2 star Vivica A. Fox will return to star as the main character’s girlfriend-turned-wife Jasmine Dubrow in the upcoming flick. According to Entertainment Weekly, the 50-year-old actress recently closed a deal with 20th Century Fox to play the former stripper. Unfortunately, original lead star Will Smith will not be reprising his role as Steven Hiller. No surprise there.

Director Roland Emmerich will return to helm the film. In an interview with the NY Daily News in 2013, Roland revealed Will wouldn’t be returning because “he’s too expensive.” He also added, “he’d also be too much of a marquee name.”

“Survivor’s Remorse” star Jessie Usher will be joining the cast as Vivica’s son Dylan Dubrow. And the movie will be in real-time, picking up nearly 20 years later.

Also, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant took to her Twitter account to make the announcement tweeting:

It’s official that I’ll b back 4 #IndependenceDay2 sequel playing #Jasmine #LegitimateCareer #NextLevel #Blessed;)

— Vivica A. Fox (@MsVivicaFox) March 24, 2015

The Independence Day director also took to his Twitter to spread the word:

Exciting news… just officially closed @MsVivicaFox for #IndependenceDay! Here’s the pic!

— Roland Emmerich (@rolandemmerich) March 24, 2015

Original co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum will also be returning to reprise their respective roles. We can expect to catch the new thriller when it hits theaters June 26, 2016. Will you go see it?

In reality tv news….

Yesterday, we noticed an Instagram post by “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Ray J seemingly announcing he was quitting the show:

We weren’t exactly sure if he meant he quit “LAHH Hollywood” since he never officially revealed what show he “quit.” But now, reports allege he really did call it quits on the VH1 series.

TMZ is reporting “LAHH” producers are scrambling to figure out what to do since they got word he will no longer be filming for the show. Sources tell rhe site Ray is fed up with all of the negativity and that it is causing a huge strain on his relationship with Princess Love. Guess they’re still together even after their latest drama.

You’ll recall, Ray had to call the cops on her for THREATENING to take her own life back in December AND again in February for allegedly assaulting him inside of a hotel in New Orleans. She was arrested for domestic abuse and battery, but the R&B singer ended up bailing her out AND spent 10K to cop her a laywer. Sighs…

As they film for the upcoming season, the reality show regular reportedly tried to shoot scenes that showed him in a more positive light, but producers weren’t really feeling it, so he decided to exit stage left. Ray is supposedly going to meet with “LAAH” producers tomorrow to possibly work things out.

But he may just decide to pass up their offer as he has been hinting at a new project with he’a allegedly working on with WE tv. Ray said he would make an announcement in the coming days to reveal what he’s working on. We’ll keep you posted.

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