A Virgina man is in some serious trouble #Roommates! Robert Coleman admitted to punching a woman after she called him a racial slur and now he could spend up to 10 years behind bars for his actions that led to her death.

According to Robert was found guilty of second-degree murder on Monday April 2, after pleading his case that while he did punch victim Fedelia Montiel-Benitez at a 7-Elevenast year, he never meant on killing her.

Robert, 27, told authorities that the victim mistook him for someone else and calling him the n-word during the heated exchange. One thing led to another and he snapped and punched her. She ended up in a coma and never recovered.

She died from her injuries 10 days later.

“We of course remain disappointed that they didn’t see it as manslaughter,” Coleman’s attorney Robert Jenkins said. “…This was was not something he wanted to happen, that he did not intend to take someone’s life.”

According to the Washington Post, Coleman will learn his fate on May 24.

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