The ‘Braxton Family Values’ reality TV stars Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert bump their gums with Jet Magazine this month. They talk about their ‘strong marriage,’ friendship, their upcoming reality show and their plans to start a family. Yes, a family. Though Tamar says on the show that ‘She’s NOT ready for no kids’ ………..LMAO

Tamar and Vince make a verrrrry interesting couple, I must say. Tamar is soooo loud and animated, with lots of Dot.coms, BOOMS & dot.orgs… While Vince on the other hand is pretty much quiet and calm.

He seems to get irritated with her sometimes but here’s what he had to say:

“We have fun, which is what a relationship is all about. Tamar is the greatest. Like, we’d just drive to Disneyland, then go to the movies and fall asleep. Because we are friends and you can’t stress that enough in a relationship. We have our arguments and disagreements, but that’s life.”

Tamar on how Vince deals with her over-the-top-attitude:

“He’s my husband, and I don’t talk to him the way I’d talk to a girlfriend.”

And though he is very private, Vincent revealed that he started writing songs at the age of 13 and he strongly believes in marriage because his parents were together for 25 years (both are now deceased).

“My parents were together for 25 years. I even remember their last anniversary. That’s how much I paid attention. He rented a limousine, made a reservation and they went to this hall in West Orange, NJ. He died of a broken heart. He adored my mom.”

Vince has words for the haters that claim his wife is a gold-digger.

“I love my wife. This girl is so far from being a gold digger. I wouldn’t be with someone like that for nine years.

Tamar says:

“When I met Vince I had my own house. I had my own car. I was independent.”

Tamar revealed that with Vince’s recent health scare:

“It was the first thing we ever had to deal with outside of the normal relationship thing. It went from dinner, to a doctor, to a hospital, to he’s in a coma. I had to sign a lot of papers. I’m happy that we were friends because when you’re going through ‘what would he do?’ you remember those conversations. At first Doogie Howser was his doctor, and I was like no. I want someone with gray hair.”
“We have a new outlook on life because of what happened. Everything before now has been erased.”

Talking about Tamar’s upcoming album, they revealed that she is signed to her husband’s label and Interscope. Tamar says (in third person),

“I have to do this. I wake up in the morning and want to go to the studio, because if I don’t go, ‘her’ is going to be upset.”

Fans will also see the couple on their own show this season and they say it’s won’t impair their marriage.

“Let me tell you why reality TV marriages fail,” Tamar injected. Because they’re being fake, and then when they see it on TV they argue.”

Vince and Tamar’s top-three must haves:

The Couple’s Must-Have List:

1. A Havanese dog. Vince wants the pet for walks.

2. Two kids. Tamar is planning for twins (which she calls the Mariah Carey syndrome after her good friend).

3. Making moves. The couple just scooped up a $6.9 million mansion— now it’s time to settle in.

Well, Well, well…. Let’s see how this pans out…. lol

Gumbumpers… what do you guys think about Tamar and Vince?? Tell us in that comment section right up under this here ummm… post! 🙂

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