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Sevyn Streeter makes a visit home to Haines City, Fla. in the visual for her “4th Street” single. Watch the video inside and see a “flashback” clip of a 10-year old Sevyn making her debut on “Showtime At The Apollo.”

In the “4th Street” video, Sevyn Streeter is the small town girl who moved West (hello Hollywood!) and hit it big. Hailing from Haines City, Fla., where she was born Amber Denise Streeter, Sevyn has penned an endearing tribute to the folks you might meet on the way to the corner store….like Miss Pam. They’re good-hearted people who want the best for you…and nothing else.

Sevyn told Rap-Up TV,

“Out of all the songs on my album it’s the one closest to my heart!” said Sevyn. “Everyone has at least one person in their life that doesn’t want anything from you, they just wanna make sure you good! They’re the ones who make all the assholes we encounter irrelevant! #4thStreet is the street I was raised on, the people in the video are the ones who grew up there with me & the ones I name at the end of the song are the angels who had a hand in molding my life! #4thStreet people are just ‘good ass people!’”

“4th Street” will appear on Sevyn’s debut album On the Verge, which is slated for release later this year (date unavailable).

They say home is where the heart is
My heart’s on 4th street
Haines City, Polk County

[Verse 1]
Woke up this morning, 3 missed calls from my best friend
Ain’t want a a thing from me, just calling to check in
Just wanna tell you that you’re special
But you know it, yeah you know it
Walk to the corner store with a dollar in my hand
Got everything I needed, God I thank Miss Pam
She said “You’re such a diamond girl, keep shining
Anything that you need, I’m here”

[Chorus 1]
Yeah that’s my kind of people
The one’s that say “hey, hi, what’s up, nice to meet you”
The one’s that don’t need shit, they just wanna see you
Living the life and still treat you like an equal
If you cool then we cool
Yeah that’s my kind of people
(4th Street people, 4th Street people)
That’s my kind of people
(4th Street people, 4th Street people)
We cool, you cool, then we cool
That’s my kind of people

Return home with Sevyn here:


At the age of 10, Amber Denise Streeter appeared on “Apollo Kids” with host Steve Harvey where she sang “My Funny Valentine” with the confidence on a grown woman. It was a sign of things to come.

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