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Kanye West debuted the video from his song “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney and starring his daughter North West. Check out the clip inside and find out if he and Kim Kardashian West want more kids…

In the Spike Jonze-directed clip for “Only One” rapper Kanye West shows off a kinder, gentler side as he takes a walk with his daughter North West. During a very touching moment, Kanye gazes lovingly into North’s eyes as he covers her head, protecting her from the rain.

During his chat with “Ellen” (where he premiered the clip), Ye opened up about his new album and revealed he and Kim want more kids.

On marriage and family changing him:

“I have always someone to think about going home to: something not only to be brave for what I want to do for humanity, but also to be more protective of myself for my family.”

On having a bigger family:
“We’re trying,” he said. “I just want whatever Kim wants.”

On his new album:
“We’re still trying to find the vibe. [There’s] this transition from what I felt when I did Yeezus to what I feel now and we’re just creating, so we haven’t found it yet.”

Watch the video here:

In other Kanye news, the “I am a God” rapper appears on Rihanna’s latest song “Four Five Seconds” alongside Paul McCartney and he got a new cell phone (thanks to North West). Kim spoke to Ryan Seacrest, revealing that North dropped Daddy’s phone in the toilet!

“Not last night but the night before I hear North in the bathroom and I hear the toilet flushing and flushing and I run in there.
‘I’m like “wait a minute babe” to Kanye, “didn’t she have your phone a second ago?” Sure enough the phone was in the toilet. I put it in a bag of rice but nothing worked’

Kids do the darndest things….

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