Tiny & Toya Spinoff:Toya’s Family Affair BET – It looks like Toya will be returning to “BET” after a successful run of her first reality show, “Tiny and Toya” came to an end. In an interview with a Houston radio station, Toya Carter confirmed that there will be no more forthcoming episodes of “Tony & Toya” and that she will be moving on to do her own reality show on BET.
Tiny will be featured in the show, but the show will continue to focus on Toya. Tiny is reportedly focusing on a potential music career, while Toya would like to continue to pursue a career in the television industry. Tiny is also getting married soon, and opted out of another season of the popular reality show.
“We support each other 100 percent. It’s no negative nothing. It’s all love,” she said in her interview on the Houston radio station. The new show will reportedly be called “Toya’s Family Affair” and will premiere sometime next year. Toya said that her family, including her boyfriend, her daughter, and friends will be featured on the show.

“I’m all with this positive thing. I see all the people that I inspired along the way with my story some people may hate and be like, ‘She’s just Lil Wayne Baby Momma.’ I can’t help the cards I was dealt. All I can do is make the best of my situation and the people that are touched by my story,” she went on to say.
There is no word whether or not Lil’ Wayne will be making any appearances on the reality show seeing that he is currently in jail.


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