Former Soul Food actress Vanessa A. Williams is covering the latest issue of Denim Magazine. In the issue, she reveals that there will indeed be a “Soul Food” reunion–amongst the cast themselves–but the series has not been in the process of returning to TV.  Also she talked about her most recent project.

DENIM: TV One has began showing the Soul Food television series again! Is there a chance for a reunion? Would you do it again?
VM: That was so cute! We had been hearing rumors about Soul Food returning. The fans were talking about it and they were under the impression that there was going to be a reunion- a new launch. What was true was that TV One was going to put Soul Food back on- not new episides. When the old episodes started airing again, we all [cast] decided to get together for a mini reunion. Working Soul Food was like the best times of our lives! I agree- we need to bring it back! Let’s #OccupySoulFood! It would be great to see what’s happening now with Maxine and the other Joseph sisters- their families and what they would be doing now. Soul Food brought us together as a family and we were all about perfecting ourselves- committed to laughter and love. Soul Food will live forever!

DENIM: By-the-way, are you working on any new projects?
VM: My sister Terri J. Vaughn talked to me about Sugar Mommas. I was on board and her company hired me to do the show on GMC. Rumor has it, that Sugar Mommas may be returning for a mini series. It’s a great show and we had a lot of fun with it. Oh and I’m actually on set for a new original film, Raising Izzie, directed by Roger M. Bobb along with my Soul Food hubby Rockmond Dunbar. The film is scheduled to air July 21! So excited!

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