R&B star Usher is said to be “torn up” over the tragic accident that has left his 11 year old, stepson, Kile Glover, brain dead. This isn’t surprising seeing as though it is something no parent or step-parent would ever want to see or imagine.

I’m tore up and I don’t know him personally. It’s just a sad tale of real life tragedy. The 11-year-old was struck in the head by a passing jet ski Friday as he rode an inner tube on Lake Lanier in Atlanta.

US weekly is reporting that:

“Before the tragedy, Usher and Foster were engaged in a heated custody battle. But they’ve put that aside to support each other.”

Uh duh…. Why would they not?

A close source bumped gums telling US Weekly:

“Tameka and Usher don’t get along, but in this circumstance Usher is coming to her side,” a source told US. “Usher practically raised Kile as his own. He’s known him for seven years. It is so sad what happened.”

“[Usher] grew close to Kile and, of course, that has nothing to do with the situation with Tameka,” the source says. “He loved Kile. This is a terrible, awful tragedy. Usher is torn up.”

In all of this I hope people will respect them enough to allow them to work through this tragedy.

In the news we’re hearing so much about Usher being the step-dad but, what about Kile’s ‘real dad’ Ryan Glover?

I don’t know much about him but, I’m hearing that he does play a role in his son’s life.

I guess with Usher being this A-List celebrity and being linked to Tameka people forgot about the biological father.

Gumbumpers…I want you guys to keep him lifted in prayer as well because, I’m sure he’s going through as well.

Kile was described by Tameka as:

“an artisan. He’s Andy Warhol meets Bill Gates coupled with Justin Bieber and infused with Emeril.”

Back in December Kile posted a video to his YouTube channel, TheKileShowIsBack titled “Countdown to Christmas – 7 Days” that garnered over 20,000 views.

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