Uh-oh, A guy in the club came for Usher! It all went down in a club in Miami on New Year’s Eve. Usher posted a pic of his red and bloody eye on his Instagram page. The caption read: “You should see the other guy.


MTO says:

“Usher was in VIP with his girlfriend, and some drunk White guy was screaming disrespectful things towards Usher, trying to get his attention. When that didn’t work, he started saying nasty things about his [fiance Grace]. The guy called her ugly . . .

To Usher’s credit, he didn’t act like a b*tch. He broke through security and started fighting the guy. Usher messed him up. It was like a four piece – Usher must be a boxer or something because the punches were very fast.

I don’t know how Usher’s eye got like that because I didn’t see White dude even touch Usher.”