Usher has proved that 35 is just a number when he did that spread with Men’s Health Magazine. His body is like GAWD!!!!!!!! He celebrated the milestone with a few pioneers and a celeb friends. Usher spent this time with those close to him and those that have helped shape his career. Spotted at the party was Jermaine Dupri, Diddy, Miguel, Justin Bieber,Mark Pitts, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ben Vereen, Ashley Benson, T.I., Blake Shelton, David Arquette and Diddy’s lover Cassie.

Complete with cake and a S&M Cirque du Soleil theme. There were girls dancing in plastic balls, whips and chains and sumo wrestlers!

Peep the pics….

usher bday

mark pitta and usher

usher party

Usher and Friends

Usher birthday

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