An Atlanta judge Friday dismissed a motion by R&B singer Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, asking for emergency custody of their two sons after one nearly drowned on Monday.

usher & Tameka 2

After hearing testimony from Usher, his ex-wife, and Oden, Judge John J. Goger said he was impressed by Oden’s qualifications as a caregiver. who happens to be Usher Raymond V aunt. She stated that she learned CPR from her mom who happened to be a nurse and although she has back injuries, it did not interfere with her abilities to swim.

usher 2 days ago

The judge also warned Usher that “you would be well-advised to keep your former spouse informed about your whereabouts and who is taking care of the kids.”  Tameka claims Usher did not call her until an hour after the accident and claimed he only hurt his arm in the pool.

The whole scene was chaos,” Tameka Raymond said before breaking down in tears. “I think (Oden) is a good person and a nice family member.   A nanny, no.”After the judge issued his decision, Usher and Tameka Raymond hugged in the courtroom.


Let’s hope these two can get along in harmony for the sake of those two beautiful boys.

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