A former University of South Florida football player who was arrested for sexual assault on May 1, is back in the slammer after being arrested again for ANOTHER alleged assault that happened back in March!

According to WUSF News, LaDarrius Jackson, 22, lost his mind #Roommates. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office says LaDarrius sexually assaulted a woman he knew in her bathroom on March 27.

He then allegedly, made the girl drive the nearest pharmacy so she could get an emergency contraceptive, and told her to take it while she was in front of him before she took him back to his residence hall on campus.

That residence hall is the same hall where Jackson allegedly sexually assaulted another female on May 1.

When Jackson first got caught up in this sexual assault scandal he was suspended from the football team, now he’s off the team.

He was arrested and hit with a sexual battery and false imprisonment, same as the earlier case. He was released on a $9,500 bond.

Hope it was worth it!

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