Yesterday, we reported that Drake fans in Amsterdam were pretty pissed after he cancelled his concert for the third time. While many speculated that the Toronto rapper may have gotten “too high” before his performance, it turns out  Drake was actually suffering from a bad case of food poisoning.

According to TMZ, Drizzy had eaten some bad sushi and it gave him a serious case of the bubble guts to the point that the rapper had to seek immediate medical attention.

via TMZ:

Drake had no choice but to cancel his Amsterdam concert because he had a prior engagement … with a bathroom, due to extreme food poisoning.

Sources close to Drizzy tell us he ate some bad sushi on Monday, and it messed up his stomach. We’re told it was so bad he had to get medical treatment immediately. It wasn’t enough though … he was still too sick to go onstage, which seriously pissed off the entire arena full of fans who’d already been waiting in their seats for 75 minutes when they got the bad news.

It was the third time in 3 months Drake had to postpone an Amsterdam gig … which explains why fans threw crap onstage. He’s promised to make up the show Wednesday.

Well, at least he’s doing well again because Amsterdam fans who bought tickets for his show tonight reported that he did show up! Let’s chat below!

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue on IG


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