Let’s send our thoughts and prayers to the family of 19-year-old #UniversityofMaryland football player #JordanMcNair, #Roomies. He passed after suffering from heatstroke following an outdoor practice in June and today it was announced that the school’s football coach #DJDurkin has been suspended as well as other members of the athletics staff, according to CNN.

McNair died two weeks after participating in a workout at Maryland’s outdoor practice fields. The university is reviewing McNair’s death. “We will be able to speak in greater detail when the review is complete and shared with the public,” said the school’s director of communications, Jessica L. Jennings. “Our thoughts remain with Jordan McNair’s family, friends and teammates.”

ESPN recently published a report describing a “toxic culture at Maryland football.” School officials say they are concerned about the allegations made in the report and that the alleged behaviors are not consistent with the values they expect the staff to adhere to.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest, #Roomies.

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