“Oprah: A Biography,” due out on today, is chock-full of juicy details about the TV mogul, including a revealing interview with the man who raised Oprah.  

The book also brings to light an alleged romance between Oprah and former “Entertainment Tonight” host John Tesh. According to Kelley, the two had a live-in relationship during the 1970s, while they both worked in local TV in Nashville, Tennessee. The book asserts that the relationship ended when Tesh walked out in the middle of the night, citing the intense “social pressures” that surrounded interracial couples at the time.  According to Kelley, because of the power Oprah wields in the TV industry, many talk-show hosts have been wary of touching the biography.   Kelley said on the “Today Show” that Barbara Walters, Larry King, and David Letterman have refused to bring her on their shows, all fearful of a backlash.

How many of you will be copping the book???

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