Uma Thurman was accused of being mentally ill by her ex Arpad Busson in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday during the first day of their custody battle over daughter Altalune ‘Luna’ Florence.

While questioning a court-appointed psychologist, Busson’s lawyer Peter Bronstein asked if his client had explained her that Thurman ‘had serious mental illness and this was a point of conflict because the mother resented being accused of having a serious mental illness.’ 

Dr. Sara Weiss confirmed that she was told this multiple times by Busson and also noted it in her reports according to the New York Post.

When then asked however about the three medications Thurman was taking to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia and how they likely reacted to the alcohol she drank with them, Thurman’s lawyer objected and managed to shut down the line of questioning.

Dr. Weiss later said under cross-examination that Thurman had ‘some Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder’ and ‘mild learning disability,’ but no ‘personality disorder.’

Also on Friday, Bronstein stated that his client was not happy with the choice of school Thurman had made for their child, finding that other students there were ‘disheveled and dirty.’ 

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Day in court: Uma Thurman arrived in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday for the start of her week-long custody trial

Sleek: The actress, 46, was dressed entirely in black as she entered the courthouse with her two attorneys (right)

Billionaire: Busson, 53, is a French-born financier who currently resides in London where he runs the investment firm Gottex Fund Management Holdings

Kids: Thurman has alleged that Busson frequntly cancels his scheduled visits with Luna (Luna above in center flanked by Thurman’s son Levon and daughter Maya, whose father is actor Ethan Hawke)

The Oscar-nominated actress, 46, arrived to court on Friday dressed in black from head-to-toe, while her billionaire ex was seen entering the courthouse in a perfectly tailored navy-blue suit while carrying a copy of the Financial Times.

Things got off to an eventful start in the courtroom, with Dr. Weiss telling the courtroom that Thurman and Busson, 53, should not be allowed in the same room together when their daughter is present.

Dr. Weiss added that Thurman and Busson have a toxic relationship, which their daughter she be shielded from.

Bronstein later said that Luna was conceived at the same time Thurman was fighting Busson over whether or not she would be able to keep a million dollar ring. 

Busson was also taken to task however by Dr. Weiss, who noted that ‘Mr. Busson’s visits are focused on his needs rather than his daughter’s.’

As an example she recounted how Luna was once sent to the Bahamas to be with her father, who then left the island to see a Rolling Stones concert in Cuba with his son. 

‘At this point I don’t think that these people should be in the same room together with Luna until they have a little more ability to kind of be comfortable with each other,’ testified Dr Weiss. 

Busson and Thurman at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival 

She also stated that while Busson is a good father to his daughter, and the young girl enjoys her time with him, he should not be allowed to spend more than seven days with the girl.

Dr. Weiss said that this was important because the young girl was already showing signs of separation anxiety.

That number was given in response to Busson’s request asking to have Luna for 10 days a month plus extended vacations.  

The couple is also fighting over Luna’s education.

Luna is currently enrolled in private nursery school at St. Ann’s, located in the city’s Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

Annual tuition for the nursery school is $25,000.

Past graduates at the school include Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke of Girls, designer Zac Posen and Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly.

‘He felt they had small classrooms, they were cluttered, that the atmosphere was depressing, that the kids looked dirty and disheveled,’ said Busson’s lawyer.

Earlier in the day, the judge in the case also took some time to publicly criticize the warring parents in front of the court before the trial got underway.

‘Reasonable people work these things out,’ said Justice Matthew Cooper. 

Good Samaritan: Thurman helped a videographer who fell over on Friday outside court (above)

Busson is asking to have Luna for 10 days a month plus extended vacations (above on Friday)

Thurman is challenging Busson’s request, alleging, among other things, that he often cancels his scheduled visits with young Luna. 

It is expected that the trial will last a week.

On Thursday, a judge denied Thurman’s request to have the proceedings closed to the media.

There seemed to be no ill will  however on Thurman’s behalf, as the actress took some time to help a fallen videographer on Friday while making her way into court. 

It was revealed back in October that that former couple would be going to trial after they were still been unable to come to an agreement over the custody of their daughter.

Busson, 53, is a French-born financier who currently runs Gottex Fund Management Holdings, an Swiss investment company.

He began dating Thurman back in 2007, proposing to the actress the following year and then calling it off a year after that in 2009.

The two then quickly reconciled and in 2012 Uma gave birth to their daughter, Luna.

In 2014, the pair broke up for good, and since that time have been battling over their daughter. 

Busson filed a motion for temporary visitation rights on August 31 after first filing paperwork in the custody case, in which Thurman is the defendant, back in October of 2014.

Shortly after their breakup, Busson slapped Thurman with a lawsuit demanding more custody of their daughter. 

He also demanded the power to make important life decisions for their daughter.

Difficult days: Thurman looked emotional back in May leaving an afterparty for the Met Gala in the midst of her custody battle (above being comforted by actor Andrew Rannells)

Battle for baby: Thurman and Busson split in 2014, and have been fighting over custody of Luna ever since (Luna and Thurman swimming on left; doing yoga on Mother’s Day on right)

Thurman’s representative released a statement after the lawsuit was filed: ‘It is unfortunate that this very private discussion regarding Mr. Busson’s visitation rights and his participation in decision making has been made public.

‘However, we are optimistic that a fair agreement for both sides will be reached out of court.’

In September 2015, the couple finally reached a settlement, and the judge praised them for putting aside their issues aside for the benefit of their daughter.

At the time, the judge was quoted saying both parties had compromised very little to reach the settlement.

The terms of the deal, however, were sealed from the public and the terms remain confidential.

It was reported at the time that Thurman and Busson signed a three-year plan on how they agreed to co-parent their daughter.

Husbands: Uma has been married twice before, first to Gary Oldman (left in 1991) and then to Ethan Hawke (right on 2002)

Kids: Busson has two teenage sons, Arpad and Aurelius, whose mother is Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson

Siblings: MacPherson posted a photo of son Arpad with Luna last year on Instagram

Busson headed back to court on August 31 however, making it clear that he wanted more custody of Luna.

He filed a Pendente Lite Visitation, which is usually only filed during an on-going battle, with one person seeking to have the judge award temporary visitation until the outcome of the case.

Once the final order on custody and support is issued by the judge, the temporary decision is voided.

It is unclear why he filed for temporary visitation rights if the couple reached a settlement last year.

Thurman also has two teenage children, son Levon and daughter Maya, with ex-husband Ethan Hawke. 

She was also married to actor Gary Oldman for two years. 

Busson has two teenagers as well, sons Arpad and Aurelius, whose mother is Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson.


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