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Stacey Dash’s pre-Conservative life is coming back to haunt her. Find out about the serious accusations her ex-boyfriend rapper Ryan Prophet is slinging her way inside, plus Deion Sanders’ sons blast him for kicking them out on Christmas…

Ryan Prophet (who goes by Prophet) of the Nappy Roots just put Stacey Dash on full BLAST. He alleges that the two, who he alludes to once being a couple, created a baby together. However, he says Stacey aborted the child once a new boyfriend entered her life.

Yes, before Stacey (pictured above with her kids last week) put on her uber Conservative panties, she allegedly dated a rapper and did the opposite of her pro-life anti-choice

The situation is messy all around with Prophet posting up an alleged text message showing the exchange between the two after the alleged abortion occurred.

It’s interesting to note that Prophet was on a recent episode of MTV’s “Catfish” where HE was the one being played by a woman on the net.

Back to this ultimate blasting. Prophet posted a pic of himself yesterday and proceeded to air out his grievances in the caption below:

He says Stacey was brainwashed by her new boyfriend to abort the child, but he actually wanted to keep the baby.

He later delete the caption, but left up this alleged text exchange he claims is between him and Stacey:

An ADAMANT pro-lifer getting an abortion in secret? It definitely wouldn’t be the first time.

Stacey has yet to respond to the accusations…

In other news, Deion Sanders & ex-wife Pilar Sanders’ sons (Deion’s youngest kids) are blasting their father.

Apparently, on Christmas Day when brothers Shilo and Shedeur flew in to spend Christmas with daddy Deion, all hell broke loose because their mom (who Deion is heavily beefing with) took them to get their ears pierced.

According to the kids, they were kicked out of Deion’s house on Christmas Day and didn’t receive any Christmas gifts:

Shilo said, “Repost from @shedeursanders we don’t really care about the gifts”.


Deion still has custody of his three youngest kids with Pilar. He also snapped Christmas Day pics with his other children and fam and Deion Jr. posted them up on the ‘Gram:

Photos: Getty/R Prophet’s IG/Stacey’s Twitter

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