Looks like this case is moving rather quickly and for RHOA star Apollo Nida this could mean a lot of things, jail time, no more prime time TV, and a loss time with his wife and kids. According to federal court documents, Phaedra Parks’ embattled husband will take part in an oral examination at the Office of United States of Attorney in his native Atlanta on June 10.

apollo nida

And he won’t be packing lightly for his visit: Nida, 35, is ordered to bring “earning statements from…most recent paychecks,” “business records for the present year and past calendar year,” “current bank statements for the past 12 months,” “all deeds, leases, contracts, and other documents representing any ownership interest,” and “all stocks, bonds, or other securities of any class,” among other personal paperwork, documents state.

Despite looking at 30 years in prison, APOLLO feels his sentence will be just fine. We can only hope the judge is soft on him.


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