Uh Oh!! Alicia Keys To Be Allegedly Managed By Swizz Beatz…

I don’t know how Swizzy handles his business but, this ain’t a good look no matter how it looks!! Just my POV! Celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie has posted an exclusive from a source regarding Swizz Beatz ALLEGEDLY having a hand in managing Alicia Keys career. This comes after news over the weekend broke that she is splitting with her longtime manager, Jeff Robinson of MBK Entertainment.

They said: “Over the past few weeks, it’s been pretty tense in house,” the source said. “Swizz Beatz has been there and has been taking a pretty active role of being a manager. He has been pitching her to people and he’s becoming very vocal in the direction of her career.

The report also goes on to say that Swizz, who is currently engaged and expecting a baby with Alicia, is the one encouraging ALL of Alicia’s career decisions including the dismissal of Robinson and her ENTIRE glam squad. However, Robinson has NOT been removed from producing her new album so the future music won’t be affected. It is also said that Swizz Beatz pushed for the release of ‘Put It In A Love Song’ featuring Beyonce as he not only produced the song but he also co-directed the music video for it as well.
The song received a lukewarm response and the video is currently put on hold until further notice. It is not yet known when it will see a release…

I’m also told that the couple will be tying the knot before baby arrives… According to the couple, Alicia and Swizz will be married in Europe, and will feature big-name guests such as Jay-Z and Beyonce.
In addition, Alicia will be sporting a Vera Wang gown and potentially, Christian Louboutin shoes.

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