“This is a long shot, but it can’t hurt to try,” reads the Facebook post from Brianne Watt.

Watt, like so many thousands of fans Saturday, attended the U2 concert at Soldier Field—and she’s asking for your help.

“I lost my wedding ring Saturday night, sometime during the long walk back to the hotel, and I’d love to get it back,” the Lake Orion, Michigan resident wrote on a Facebook post that’s now been shared thousands of times.

“I’ve accepted that it’s most likely gone, but I’m feeling hopeful that there are still good people that would do the right thing,” she continues, a pair of emojis as a post script depict a crying yellow face and a broken heart.

Watt told NBC 5 she took the ring off after leaving the concert because her fingers were swelling and put it in her sunglasses case with her credit cards and ID. When she got to the hotel it was gone, she says. She has insurance, she says, but the ring is one her husband gave her seven years ago just last week, so it has immense sentimental value.

Watt says she doesn’t know the exact route she took but thinks she went west from Soldier Field and then north to Michigan Avenue, ending finally at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. She says she went through a couple of tunnels, too.

“There was a main walkway with a circular concrete flower garden?” she writes quizzically.

Commenters posted sympathetic messages of hope on the desperate wife’s Facebook post, which was accompanied by a picture of the wedding ring.

“Live in Chicago and shared,” one reads. “Praying u find it.”

Along with the multitude of prayers were commenters invoking St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things.

“Post made its way to [Florida]!” another commenter writes. “Hope you find it!”

Like most comment sections on the internet, it’s to be expected that some nastiness rears its head, but many commenters were quick to stamp out the naysayers.

“There are a lot of GOOD and HONEST people in CHICAGO,” a woman wrote in response to a man’s suggestion the ring was used to fund illicit deeds in the city.

With a little luck, one of those good people in Chicago will find the ring and return to the finger of the distraught U2 fan—returning the marital hardware from “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

Published at 9:01 PM CDT on Jun 6, 2017 | Updated at 11:16 PM CDT on Jun 6, 2017


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