#TylerPerry says that Emmitt Perry Sr., the man who he, as a child, thought was his father, verbally and physically abused him as a child. However, the movie producer recently revealed on Oprah’s Master Class that he still provides housing and food for the man despite the horrors he endured during his childhood.

“From a child, I’d always known that this man despised me, and I could not figure it out for the longest … I could not figure out why he hated me so. And every action was about his hatred or his disdain for me,” Perry tells Oprah.

Tyler went on to explain the two reasons why he takes care of Perry Sr. financially.

“Number one, my mother asked me to because she loved him. And secondly, as terrible as he was, and as horrible as he was, he never once left us. We were never hungry. And every time he’d go to work all week, he’d bring the money home,” he said. “In return, I’m giving him what he gave to me. I had shelter. I had food. He has shelter — pretty nice shelter — and any food that he wants to eat.”

Just because Tyler is making sure that Perry Sr. is comfortable he tells Oprah that they don’t really have a relationship. “What I missed from him — being in a relationship — is also what he’s missing from me now. So he doesn’t have everything. He has what’s easy,” Perry said.

Tyler is clearly leading by example, because not very many people are emotionally equipped to do something like that.


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Source: https://www.yahoo.com/tv/tyler-perry-reveals-still-takes-care-childhood-abuser-173334270.html

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