Rapper Tyga had a run-in with police during his music video shoot in South Central on Monday, Nov. 10, in L.A.


The rapper, 24, was shooting a scene in a Rolls Royce for his new music video, “Make It Work,” when his brush with the law took place. “They were shooting a rap video in the area of 76th and Kansas,” Officer Kim tells Us. “LAPD air unit observed a vehicle drive away from that location and observed the vehicle driving recklessly. Los Angeles Police School Police officers conducted a traffic stop at Hoover and Florence where the driver was cited and released, for a traffic violation and the body guard was detained for further investigation for an unknown charge.”

TMZ obtained footage of Tyga handcuffed against a fence and surrounded by cops.  “Tyga was the driver,” Kim confirms to Us. “I was told he was cited and released at the scene. I don’t know if he was detained, he may have been. Officers have the discretion to detain any occupants in a traffic stop. I do know for sure he was cited and released at the scene. The LAPD School Police are the one’s who cited and released the driver, I don’t know where there’s a school nearby or if they were just driving between schools but they are sworn Police Officers.”

According to TMZ, shortly after Tyga was released, his bodyguard was pulled aside.

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