#Tyga is allegedly a wanted man…again. Here’s a little background first!

Back in 2015, a woman named Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga’s music company after a light fell on top of her head. The incident happened in 2012 and she’s suffered head trauma not to mention being left with a permanent scar.

A judge eventually awarded her $235,000, but it’s going on three years since the lawsuit began and Tyga has yet to pay up! Now the bill has increased to over $250K due to interest and has only made things worse for Tyga.

According to @TMZ_Tv, a bench warrant was issued on the rapper for allegedly failing to notify the judge of his assets which would be used to satisfy Riekena’s judgement.

Tyga could be arrested if he doesn’t make something shake!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG
Source: http://m.tmz.com/#!article/2018/01/29/tyga-wanted-failing-pay-fan-injury-judgment/

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