Ty Dolla Sign is keeping thangs fresh and cayute these days. He’s known for his style and taste, but did y’all know that the man also upkeeps his beauty?

He took to Instagram to show off his orange and black mani pedi and even tease the ladies about it.

HIs fingernails had black and orange polish but he kept the toes all orange.

For those acting surprised with Ty Dolla’s Sign’s mani and pedi, it should be known that his style often goes against the grain. For example, he loves a long earring and rocks it well!

He also likes to rock his share of jewelry, including chokers.

Sometimes his accessories even include animals!


Or even personalized pillows.


I think it’s safe to say that Ty is a trendsetter for the fellas. What are y’all thoughts, Roommates? Let us know!


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