If you’re on Twitter then you already know Twitter has some interesting discussions. Yesterday’s debate focused on whether or not Nelly paved the way for Drake’s success, but you already know Twitter took it to a whole new level with the #Petty.

@alex_losiovich said, “If you’re debating between Nelly and Drake, just remember that Nelly had a solution for when it got hot in herre. Drake would’ve complained.”

@ItsThreeSixty said, “Nelly vs Drake is debatable.. don’t act like nelly ain’t have y’all wearing Air Force 1s and wanting band aids on y’all face lol.”

@Koopofficial said, Nelly was a top artist while Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Nas were in their prime. That’s a tough feat sorry Drake but it’s not even close.

@CohanScott said, This Nelly vs Drake argument is laughable.. #Nelly had soooooo many hits without the internet and went 10x platinum..

@KodakBeige said, Nelly and Ja Rule both in Drake’s DNA… keep it 100 he used both of they style did it better and blew up

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