As most of you know, there was a Caucasian groupie out of Miami calling herself “Katstacks” who created a Twitter page and a free blogspot for the purposes of “exposing” the celebrities she supposedly slept with.    There was little evidence that she was telling the truth about her groupie escapades in the first place.    Yesterday when Twitter suspended her account, effectively shutting her down. It seems that Kat violated a rule about giving out the personal information of others. And just like that, she was gone.

Katstack’s mugshot (she was arrested for gun possession)

Before her Twitter page was axed, she tweeted about her rapper baby daddy sending child protective services to her door to see about his son.

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  1. All of those skanks need to keep their big traps shut especiall ywhen others have dirt on their dumb azzes!! What a bunch of losers! NO PAPER TRAIL FOLKS LEARN THAT!!

  2. Gumbumper why does she get 5 minutes of fame for being a hoe? Like the woman who is proud to say she screwed Tiger Woods and he didn’t buy her anything…. Why is that an accomplishment??? You are the biggest dummy ever – you gave it away to a millio…scratch that billionaire for FREE!!!!!!

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