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Twitter never lets us down when it comes to debating trending topics in the media. The latest hot topic revolves around former Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal (whom some have dubbed as transracial). Actors Don Cheadle and Reagan Gomez recently went back-and-forth about why black women, in particular, are furious over her claiming to be black…when she’s clearly not. Peep their heated discussion inside….

Former NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal (who recently stepped down) has been gaining media attention since her parents spoke out revealing her ancestral background. According to her parents, she’s actually of Czech, Swedish and German decent and not African-American like she claimed to be. Rachel justified her delusion by saying she identifies with black culture and didn’t see a problem with lying about her race because that’s who she most identifies with.

Now, there’s a huge discussion revolving around her antics.

As her story becomes the trending topic in recent discussions and makes headlines across the nation, “House Of Lies” star Don Cheadle decided to ask a few questions via Twitter to find out why black women are outraged by this. And he got more than enough answers.

YBF actress Reagan Gomez took a moment (or two) to explain to Don why Rachel’s lies and deception are a big deal, specifically to black women in particular. And we have to say, we agree with everything Reagan had to say about the situation. (We’ve been trying to illegitimately care about the woman who has proven herself to be a delusional liar, but this angle we do care about.)

After Don fired off his tweets, Reagan and the Iron Man 3 star were involved in a long Twitter discussion about Rachel. So we picked out a few of their tweets (because there are a slew of them) and would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Peep some of the tweets below:

We couldn’t have said it better. How can a woman who was not born black understand the black woman’s constant day-to-day struggle? Let alone, teach classes on the black woman’s struggle. Can a non-black person teach black history and facts? ABSOLUTELY. But Rachel’s teaching were far beyond history and facts and even the objective view of the black woman’s plight in America, which she admits to herself. Who and what is she teaching or speaking for, exactly? And can incorrect teachings, that claim to be from a subjective point of view, dark the plight of black women even further?

What are your thoughts on the issue? Do black women (or anyone for that matter) have a right to be upset with Rachel? Are black men (and others) simply attacking black women’s outrage versus standing up for our reasonings and defending our identity?

Or are we just being too “emotional”?


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