Rapper Fabulous apparently made comments about how pretty boys don’t use coke (Allegations made by Kat Stacks)
Not sure why  Soulja Boy is  “threatening” Fabulous.

Check out what Soulja Boy had to say:

“he better stfu before i send my young n*gga Lil B to murder his a** lyrically,” Soulja Boy

“I wish that fab would quit copying my swag d*mn he a nut rider i swear man.”


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  1. Fab too old for that mess. Soulja do you. He may not appeal to all but he appeals to millions. And to top it off FABO he is in Forbes. Aspire for that Fabo, not to bring this young man (Soulja) down. Hatin men make me sicker than a hatin woman, uuggghh

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