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“Empire” continues its rating juggernaut, climbing in total viewers for the 7th week in a row. Get morning deets on the show’s unprecedented success inside and see what director/creator Lee Daniels had to say about Bill Cosby, Mo’Nique and more…

We’ve talked about “EMPIRE” and ratings before…and we MUST talk about them again. It’s a big deal. A really big deal. Last week, 13.8 million viewers tuned into the all the drama unfold. And you know who else is watching….Hollywood. DEADLINE broke it down for us…

Since its debut January 7th, “Empire” has grown 39% in total viewers. Every week, more and more viewers are tuning into the show. Not since the dawn of television (back when it black and white) has that ever happened. Not the Cosbys, not “Friends” not “Cheers” – NO tv show grows EVERY week. Until now.

For the seventh week straight (and with four episodes to go) the show has steadily increased. Yes….Taraji and Terrence (and the rest of the cast) have ARRIVED. See the chart below.

In related “Empire” news…

Empire creator/director Lee Daniels sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon for a captivating interview that covered a wide range of issues including homophobia in the Black community to racism in America (he says he still gets pulled over in Beverly Hills). And he also opened up about two hot button issues, the media’s treatment of Bill Cosby and whether or not Mo’Nique was blackballed. Check the highlights and clips below:

On Bill Cosby: “He is one of the reasons that I am here today. It is very, very hard, and what bothers me most is if there is an iota of truth to this… the one person of color that means the most to me is pulled down. If he is guilty then it says that we are human, which is what I like to examine with every character that I breathe life to. We are not black, it is not white, we are not grey, we are all complicated. We all like to point fingers and drag people down through the mud. I pray for him. I am wrecked by it, I am gutted by it.”

On Monique being blackballed: “I didn’t say that exactly. During the [Oscar] campaign, she was making unreasonable demands, and I remember thinking ‘this is when reverse racism happens’. You have to thank the producers of the film, you have to thank the studio, and she didn’t understand that. People aren’t going to respond well. I love her, I’ve spoken to her. She’s brilliant, and I love working with brilliant people……Sometimes artists get in their own way — I know I certainly do often, I have my own demons.”

Photo via EW/Taraji P Henson’s Instagram

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