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Nelly chats it up with the co-hosts of “The Real” about being a single dad on his hit show “Nellyville” and if he plans to marry Miss Jackson on today’s show. See the clips inside…

Could Nelly be heading down the aisle? Maybe….”in about a year or so.” The “Nellyville” star dropped in on the ladies of “The Real” where he opened up about being a single dad and hinted at taking the leap of marriage with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-Miss Jackson. Somewhere……Ashanti just screamed!

On if he’ll propose to Miss Jackson:

Nelly: Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, more like in about a year or so. You know what I’m saying, I think it’s very important that you get to know one another before you know, especially in this business friendship is everything. It lasts a lot longer when you become friends first. I think what we’re doing is not trying to succumb to the pressures of what everybody else thinks our relationship should be and just taking our time with everything. Because it’s been a lot, you know, she’s been through a lot. I’ve been through a lot.

Then, Nelly talked about raising his two children alongside his niece and nephew and why its important to show that world that single dads (not baby’s fathers) do exist.

On showing the relationships he has with his kids on “Nellyville”:

Nelly: “Yeah, you know, I think it’s very important. We are the only generation and I think this is where we have to realize the magnitude of what we’re doing. We are the only generation of parents that I mean we share the most with our kids! You know, we share the same clothes, we play video games, we like the same things. You know, me and my son, we can literally be buddies. Like we wear the same shoes. You know, sometimes his clothes go a little far with him and my nephew, but I mean they are always in my closet. And I dip down in their room and snatching hats, you know what I’m saying and little things. We talk about the same things. We like the same music, majority of it!”

Sometimes they go a little far. but I still understand that you have to let the youth be the youth. You know, and you gotta let them make their own mistakes, but it’s also important to understand that umm… you know, you got to guide them!

Nelly appears on today’s episode of “The Real.”

Photos via The Real

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