Maaaaan listen! Finally getting to crack open the cover of the much-discussed #FlyyGirl or #TheColdestWinterEver was like a right of passage as a teenage girl.

These two books defined a generation and have been deemed classics by girls in hoods across America. When you were reading #OmarTyree’s “Flyy Girl” or #SisterSouljah’s “The Coldest Winter Ever,” you could only imagine what Tracy or Winter looked like as you painted the story in your mind.

Well wonder no more! Here’s who we would cast if we could turn these iconic books into movies! Now y’all already know, if this actually happens, run us our 15% 😩😂 SWIPE and tell us what you think, #Roomies! 📷: @GettyImages — Produced by @streamlinedmedia, Graphic design by @TylerSimien


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