#TSRWhatIfz: Shirtless season is basically here and although we already know what these #TSRZaddies look like with their shirts off—we’re tryna see what they’ll look like with their shirts off and then some!!

We added a bunch of tats on some of your faves to see what they’d look like if they were blasted, and some of them don’t look too shabby. We see you #TattooPapi! 👀

#Roommates, who would kill these #TSRTattz the most?!

TSRStaff: Tanya! @tanyaxpayne & Thembi! @ThembiTV_

Models: @jammyr93, @thestevenbeck, @leeletics, @resurrected_mma,@tyronehermitt25, @jay.tings, @jeffloagz @GettyImages Produced by: @FYBcraft

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