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So #Roomies as you may recall on Saturday night, Tyga was kicked out of Mayweather’s birthday bash at Sunset Room in L.A.

A lot of people were confused as to what happened, the only thing we knew on Sunday was that Tyga got into an altercation, needless to say his memes were trending on Ig and Twitter just as soon as the whole thing happened!

There were numerous pictures of him being held back as he was getting kicked out the party, and he was seen even reaching for his security guard’s gun in the heat of the moment.

But check out this tea #Roomies, according to @tmz_tv minutes before Tyga was dragged out of the party, he was approached by a group of men that he had leased a Maybach from prior to this event. He made a deal with them to pay $6,000 a month for this car, but he reportedly did not continue with the payments each month, so they had the car repo’d last month. It seems when they all crossed paths again, that’s when they got into their scuffle.

This is actually Tyga’s second time being in this situation, the first time it was a Ferrari. As far as Floyd, he’s been in a similar situation when there was a shoot out at his party last year. His body guard was injured, but was able to recover.

TMZ caught up with Mayweather on Monday night at Ace of Diamonds in L.A., he didn’t seem to be bothered about this situation. When asked by TMZ reporters if Tyga would be invited to another one of Mayweather’s parties, he said he didn’t care about the situation that happened, and that he will invite him again. He even admitted that it was “Good publicity” for his party.

Source: TMZ

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