#Roommates, #TreySongz got more good news today as he has officially been cleared of all charges in his ongoing domestic violence case against his accuser #AndreaBuera. If you remember a few months ago, Andrea accused Trey of allegedly assaulting her at a party during All-Star weekend.

According to @TMZ_TV, the L.A. City Attorney rejected the case citing there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Trey for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Earlier we reported Trey was off the hook for a felony charge for allegedly hitting a woman, and is now cleared of his misdemeanor in this case.

It seems it all boiled down to witness testimony, Trey’s lawyer #ShawnHolley reportedly gave numerous statements to LAPD that contradicted Andrea’s version of what happened that night she claimed she was assaulted by Trey at a party.

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