JussiSmollett continues to maintain his innocence against claims that he paid two actor brothers to stage his attack and now he’s coming with receipts.

Jussie has evidence to support his claim that the #Chicago Police Superintendent got it all wrong. Documents and texts obtained by @tmz_tv show that the $3,500 check in question was written to Abel for personal training. The check was written on January 23, which was six days before the alleged attack and the memo line of the check reads, “5 week Nutrition/Workout program Don’t Go.”

Sources close to Jussie told TMZ that the reference to “Don’t Go” is a song for which Jussie was going to shoot a music video and one that would feature him shirtless. The texts also show Abel giving Jussie training advice.

It sounded like Jussie had a gained a little weight and was trying to drop some pounds for the shoot, which is reportedly why he hired Abel, whom he refers to as “Bon.”

There are a number of texts starting from January 20 between Jussie and Bon. On January 28 — the day before the alleged attack — Bon wrote, “I know you’re traveling today, make sure you get at least 45 mins of cardio.”

Another text on January 20 outlines Bon’s menu for Jussie that day, including chicken thigh, StarKist Tuna, Eggs and Smucker’s peanut butter.

And, a text on January 25 reads, “This is the meal plan and the breakdown of macronutrients. Also includes projected fat loss.”

There is also a text showing a calendar where February 23 is marked “Don’t Go.” The sources say that’s the date of Jussie’s music video shoot.

There’s another screenshot from Sept. 27, 2018, presumably showing Jussie has paid Ola in the past. It was a Venmo payment of $100 to Bola (Abimbola aka Abel)  for “Training.”

Sources connected to Jussie say the $3,500 breakdown is as follows — $600 a week for the workout plan for 5 weeks, and $100 a week for the nutrition plan for 5 weeks.

Ola and Abel told the grand jury the payment was for training. Authorities maintain that Jussie is guilty of filing a false police report, which is a felony crime.

Jussie was recently arrested and released on bail.

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