Remember late last year when Pooch Hall was arrested for a DUI and child endangerment after allegedly having his 2-year-old son behind the wheel of a car? Well, it looks like he will avoid jail time after striking a plea deal.

According to TMZ, Pooch struck a deal with prosecutors and entered a no contest plea to misdemeanor DUI and child endangerment.

When it comes to his DUI, he was sentenced to three years of probation and a three-month alcohol program. When it comes to the child endangerment, he must complete a one-year parenting class. If he attends the class, the charge will reportedly be dropped.

As we previously reported, last October, witnesses called police after seeing Pooch’s son in his lap holding the steering wheel. The car reportedly shifted and hit a parked car.

Thankfully no injuries were reported, however, when police arrived at the scene, Pooch’s blood alcohol level was .25, which is three times the legal limit.

He was arrested and held on $100,000 bail before being released.




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