#Roommates, #ChrisBrown and #NiaGuzman are currently in a heated child support case. Nia is hoping to get an increase and in new court documents obtained by @Blast, she explains why.

Turns out Nia reportedly needs her monthly payments increased to “protect Royalty from CB fans who try and take photographs of Royalty.” Nia also claims the 2-bedroom apartment that she lives in isn’t the safest place for Royalty.

In the documents, Nia alleges the apartments is easily accessible to Chris’ fans and because of it her and Royalty both are  “trapped in the apartment. She can’t go outside.” Nia says there are people taking pictures from balconies and that “there’s a whole bunch of weirdos,” waiting for them outside.

Right now Nia is receiving $2,500 a month for Royalty and an additional $4000 a month for a nanny. Currently she’s seeking around $250K. A judge will soon give their decision over the case.


Both Chris and Nia have never denied their estranged relationship. At this point, for the sake of Royalty we hope the pair can work it out and come to some sort of resolution that works out for the both of them. Chris has yet to comment on the latest development but in the past he has said he doesn’t want to spoil his daughter and feels increasing the payments may be doing just that! Not sure what the outcome would be but we’ll keep you up to date!


Source: https://theblast.com/chris-brown-baby-mama-royalty-fans-security-harass-child-support/

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