Whew chile, the plot thickens! #Roommates, things have escalated quickly with this #MegynKelly mess and it seems, Megyn is about her bag!

Earlier we reported that NBC news anchor Megyn Kelly came under fire for her controversial comments about #blackface. If you missed that tea, Megyn was on her NBC show talking to a panel and basically said she didn’t understand how blackface could be racist if you’re dressing up as a character for Halloween.

Needless to say, less than 48 hours after her comments, #NBC has reportedly given her the boot! Megyn has since sent an internal email to her colleagues apologizing for her remarks but that seems to be just the start of her problems from there.

After NBC got wind of what she said they decided to terminate her show, but it looks like Megyn isn’t going down without a fight! She’s asking the network to settle on her $25M yearly contract with a $50M payout according to @TMZ_TV!

That’s right yawl, Ms. Megyn wants that bag if she’s got to peace out! Sources have confirmed that Megyn doesn’t think it was her blackface comments that ultimately got her fired but instead, comments she made about NBC Chairman #Andy Lack that basically put a target on her back. TMZ also reports that Megyn wants her attorney to speak with NBC executives face-to-face to resolve this million-dollar settlement.


#Roommates, it’s getting a little messy but we’ll keep you up on what happens next!

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/10/25/megyn-kelly-nbc-settlement-blackface/



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