It looks like Lifetime is not worried about R. Kelly’s team threatening to sue if they air the upcoming documentary “Surviving R. Kelly.”

As we previously reported, R. Kelly’s lawyer said the project was filled with lies and threatened to file a federal lawsuit on Thursday if the network went through with airing the documentary.

A rep for Lifetime spoke with TMZ and said they are still airing the first part of documentary tonight at 9pm EST. The rep added, “Lifetime has always been a brand that champions women’s stories.”

So in the words of Future, “One monkey don’t stop the show.”

The documentary will feature women that have accused R. Kelly of sexual, mental and physical abuse. The project will also feature for the first time, people from his inner circle speaking about the allegations.

Although R. Kelly says the subjects involved are only seeking fame, and he has proof that the subjects involved are lying, everyone will still be able to tune in to the 6-part documentary.


Roommates, will you be tuned in?



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