#Roommates, do you remember the woman who hit former #NBA star #GilbertArenas with a restraining order after she claimed he allegedly harassed her and threatened to send naked videos of her to her 10-year-old son?

Well, not only did her restraining order request get tossed in court because she didn’t show up, but “No Chill” Gil ended up suing her for defamation. Arenas claimed Janelle Reeves made the whole thing up and demanded $10 million in damages, insisting he lost his job at #YahooSports as a result of the allegations made against him, according to @Tmz_tv.

Arenas’ attorney says that Reeves resolved the dispute by paying Arenas an undisclosed amount for his damages and confirming that the restraining order action back in June was “meritless, filed with fabricated documents and, therefore, filed without cause.”

There is no word on how much Arenas received but he bragged about his come up on IG.

“I don’t know what the rest of y’all celebrities doing about them fake a** claims but I told that mutha f***a ‘I want a number so high, when I hear it, it makes me bust a nut, roll over and fall asleep’ …about to take a nap goodnight…and this is why I’m the #goat #InGilUTrust 52-0 “I’m the mayweather of that court s**t,” he said in the post.

#Roommates, what are your thoughts on Gil’s settlement? Let us know!

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

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