Earlier this week, we reported that rapper G-Eazy was arrested after he reportedly attacked a security guard while in a nightclub in Sweden. As police pulled up to detain him, they found cocaine in his pockets.

He was convicted of assault, drug possession, and resisting arrest, but the rapper was able to avoid jail time.

According to People, the rapper was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to pay about $9,000 (80,000 krona) for his actions and around $810 (6,500 krona) restitution to the security guard he assaulted.

G-Eazy appeared in court in Sweden on Friday and apologized for his actions.

According to the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, he said, “I’m very sorry and want to apologize for all I’ve done. I feel very bad and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

Prosecutors reportedly suggested two months of jail time, but his lawyer argued that he had been cooperative with the investigation, and he would miss out on millions if he were to cancel the remaining dates of his tour.

A courtroom source released a statement to the site and said, “G-Eazy was very remorseful and regretted the whole thing. He was clearly feeling terrible — he said he wanted to apologize several times. He has a clean record and the courthouse in Stockholm took that into consideration. He seemed very relieved when the court gave its decision and it was over with. He was released immediately.”


Source: http://people.com/music/g-eazy-convicted-assault-drug-possession-avoids-jail-time/

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