#TSRUpdatez: #Roommates, #David Otunga and #JenniferHudson are going through one of the messiest custody battles we’ve seen publicly in a while!

The latest update comes from David Otunga who is firing back at J.Hud with court documents for claiming he doesn’t have a job. According to @TZ_TV, David says he does have a job with the #WWE & she should focus on their son not his pocket.

If you remember David had aspirations of being on TV. He made an appearance on ‘I Love New York’ as one of the contestant who she nicknamed #Punk and later found a budding career in the ring for the #WWE as a pro wrestler. But David is claiming Jennifer gave him an ultimatum 5 years ago telling him he either had to choose wrestling or his family and basically stopped him from wrestling full-time.

In the documents he also take a shot at Jennifer saying she makes between $8M – $13M for her gig on ‘The Voice’ alone and should focus less on money and more on taking care of their 8-year-old son! Oop!

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