Hey, Roommates! In light of it being #MichaelJackson’s 59th birthday, we wanted to put your knowledge of his music to the test. Are you a true MJ fan? Head over to TheShadeRoom.Com for more and leave the answers in the comments!

1.) “All I want to say is that ______!”

2.) Who co-starred in the video for ‘Keep It In The Closet’?

3.) Who did Billie Jean claim Michael was?

4.) “This is Thriller night and no one’s gonna _________.”

5.) What song did LL Cool J sample for ‘Hey Lover’ featuring Boyz II Men?



6.) Who did Michael want to know was okay?

7.) What song and video did Michael and Janet Jackson slay together?

8.) How long did Michael want to ‘Rock With You’?

9.) “Life ain’t so bad at all of you _________ .”

10.) Which British singer helped to write ‘Butterflies’?


Answer Key:

1.) they don’t really care about us

2.) Naomi Campbell

3.) The Lady In My Life

4.) her baby zaddy

5.) save you from the beast about to strike

6.) Annie

7.) Scream

8.) all night

9.) live it off the wall

10.) Marsha Ambrosious


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