#Roommates, in the tech world, it’s no secret #Instagram is coming for people’s neck! Right now they’re at the top of their game but this next move may put them in an entirely new category!

According to @TechCrunch, Instagram plans to launch the new app to compete with #YouTube. Though #IGTV will stand alone as it’s own app, Instagram also plans to allow the 1 hour content to be available on the app.

You already know when #Snapchat was catching fire, IG launched IG stories. Now that they’ve seen the potential of YouTube, Instagram is launching #IGTV. This is just another boss move for the social media giant!

#Roommates, are you here for this new change or is this an update you didn’t need.

Source: https://slate.com/technology/2018/06/instagram-wants-its-new-app-to-be-the-vertical-youtube.html

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