#Roommates, Facebook is about to spice things up and launch a new dating feature within their app! According to @CNBC, the new feature will have a service for single Facebook users looking to get hooked up!

The new feature will basically connect people through shared experiences. Facebook hopes that this will set them apart from other dating sites like #OKCupid, #Bumble and #Tinder. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox said: “It mirrors the way people actually date, which is usually at events and institutions that they’re connected to.”

So this is how it basically works… for singles looking to find someone, the app can show you a Friday night beer tasting at a brewery you are hoping to try and show you a list of possible matches who also said they were going to go. From there, you can either meet in person or start texting in a private chat!

So what do you think Roommates? Will you be turning to Facebook for help with your love life?

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